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Receive FREE over the air television on about 16 TV channels, including our channels 38.1 and 38.2. You can receive all of the local TV channels, and 4 Public Broadcasting channels. This is not cable TV. There are no hookup charges, and no monthly charges.

His Word Broadcasting Area Coverage Maps


  1. For the Eugene, Springfield, Goshen, Santa Clara and Cottage Grove areas, you should be able to get a good over the air picture with just a small 8 inch high indoor antenna, set anywhere within about 6 feet from your TV. If you have cable TV, or satellite TV, you will need to either have an A/B switch to switch back and forth from your regular TV programs to the over the air programs, or, without the A/B switch, you will need to hook up the indoor antenna each time you want to change to over the air TV. In strong signal areas, you may be able to use the old rabbit ear antennas, but the UHF antennas work much better.
  2. If you live in the Junction City, Harrisburg, Cheshire, Creswell and Pleasant Hill area, you should also be able to receive our channels with the small indoor UHF antenna in locations where you have no obstructions to interfere with a direct path of our signal from the tower on top of the Coburg mountain directly North of Springfield.
  3. In the Veneta area and in the Southern Willamette Valley between Junction City and Corvallis, you may need an outdoor yagi UHF antenna, or an outdoor antenna like the Channel Master #4221 4 bowtie antenna. We suggest that you use an 18 element yagi in very weak signal areas. When using an outside antenna, you will need 300 ohm antenna wire with an adapter to connect it to the TV. On longer antenna cable runs, it is better to use RG-6 coax cable, with a weatherproof matching transformer between the 300 ohm antenna terminals and the 75 ohm RG-6 cable. You may need a booster if the run is over 50 feet. However, many people in these areas may be able to receive the TV signals with only the small indoor UHF antenna.
  4. In the Crow, Noti, Dexter, Corvallis, and other outlying areas, the ability to receive these over the air television channels, even with an outdoor antenna, will depend upon your location and the absence of obstructions interfering with receiving the TV signals.
  5. Most people in the above areas can receive both 38.1 and 38.2 and all of the local TV stations, including their secondary channels, and the public broadcasting channels (over 15 channels in all), with the small indoor antenna, or with an outside antenna, if you live in an area with a weaker signal.
  6. If you have an older analog TV, you will also need a converter box in order to receive the digital channels.
  7. His Word Broadcasting Company stocks the small indoor antennas, which it sells for $20 each. They retail at local stores for about $30.00. The phone number in the Eugene area, for ordering an antenna, is 541-342-7474. In the Cottage Grove area the number is 541-946-1445.
  8. To receive "over the air channels", be sure to switch your TV to "air" or "over the air". This is done with the remote control, usually by first pushing the "tools" button on the remote, scrolling down to "air", and pushing the "OK' or "Select" button. Also, the first time you use "air", you will need to allow the TV to program the over the air channels. After you have selected "air", push the menu button on the remote and select "auto select". The TV should select the available channels. If you don't get 16 channels, try reprogramming with the antenna in a different location.
  9. If you have any trouble setting up your TV to receive the FREE over the air channels, call one of the numbers in paragraph 7, and a person will come out to help you. There is no charge. However, this person volunteers his time and expenses, without pay from His Word Broadcasting, and a small donation to him to help pay for his gas and auto expense would be appreciated, but is not required.







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